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GC9 introduces the only motorized overnight whitewater rafting excursion


  • Our rafting company is  located in Peach Springs, Arizona and is the latest addition to the world of white water rafting inside the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River and without further delay we are thrilled to present to you GRAND CANYON 9 RAPIDS (GC9).  GC9 adds a fresh twist, a splash of new color, and great hospitality as you travel through the Hualapai Reservation on the mighty Colorado River.  With added excitement your journey will begin in the lower granite gorge of the Grand Canyon and continue with serene breath-taking views of one of the seven most remarkable natural wonders of the world.  Because GC9 aims to please we offer the only 2- day/overnight motorized whitewater excursion in the entire Grand Canyon which provides visitors who have limited time as well as those who do not want to rush through the grand Canyon a satisfying experience.  We encourage our visitors to simply take this opportunity to enjoy this amazing trip and experience the real deal.  We offer our guests a chance to witness perfect Arizona sunsets and majestic night views in one of the deepest gorges on earth .  We here at GC9 invite you to discover a taste of Hualapai under under the stars. 

Expect the unexpected


  • Exciting enough on the very first day GC9 will guide you through nine breath-taking rapids with something thrilling for every person on board starting with the beginners, intermediate and  experienced rafter.  GC9 will navigate you through plenty of rapids that will have your adrenaline rushing to satisfy your soul. The Colorado River ultimately offers some of the best whitewater rapids in the Grand Canyon and is definitely an exciting venture for everyone. The end result will leave you feeling like you did something right. 

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  • Whether your interests are in short hikes, a bit of rock climbing, getting smashed by rapids, experiencing Native American culture, relaxation, connecting with your inner self, or the simple love of camping under a star-studded sky with the feel of sandy beaches under your feet we guarantee that you will be seduced by the serenity and solitude of the canyon's breath-taking natural surroundings.  Our overnight whitewater river trips are like no other because we don't just guarantee you an adventure... we are certain you will leave with a lasting and memorable connection with the canyon. In any event GC9 definitely offers a little something for nearly all ages and abilities to enjoy including creating lifelong friendships with other rafters that you will meet.  each oat has a maximum capacity of 9 passengers.  Individual and group reservations are now open.  Reserve your seats today by calling us direct.

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Our detailed services


  • If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.  Every person or group will receive premium service.  With our hard working professional staff  GC9 surely aims to please.  We invite Youth as well as Veterans, Corporate, and Professionals.  Our full-day/ whitewater/ overnight rafting tours are definitely for anyone with the desire to experience the great outdoors. 

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Announce coming events


  • GC9 occasionally presents on-site local artists and celebrities, and caters to your  special  event.  if given proper permission and for privacy purposes we may announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. 

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Real testimonials


  • Our goal is to satisfy our customers and have you all raving about us on social media sharing your great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. 

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Call our office at 928 218 1772 to inquire about promotions.

Share the big news


  • GC9 has an added a new product that sets us apart from the rest. GC9 will motor our guests to the most satisfying and mesmerizing beaches on the planet for an evening of relaxation, Hualapai exchange and an overnight stay in what GC9 considers the five-star campsites in the lower granite gorge of the Grand Canyon.  Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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Dinner served up right


  • Customers have questions and one of the most common question is "What's for dinner?" GC9 Rapids definitely knows how to satisfy a palate, and guarantees you will retire the evening feeling satisfied. (special diets upon request)

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We love our customers, so feel free to call us to book your reservations during normal business hours or leave a message at (928) 218-1772 or (928) 218-1328 and we will be sure to return your call the same day.

Grand Canyon 9 Rapids, LLC

Peach Springs, Peach Springs, Arizona 86434, United States

928 218 1772


Monday - Sunday: 8am - 5pm

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This journey often takes me where I can literally escaped the world, where I feel reborn and cleansed in the Creators works.  We are truly blessed by the magnificence of this place we call "The backbone of Mother-Earth"~ Patricia Cesspooch Enrolled Hualapai member, owner and founder of Grand Canyon 9 Rapids

Alicia (Tiny)  a Hualapai Enrolled Tribal Member, An outstanding  individual and well qualified boatmen for GC9 

Pearl (Poe) a Hualapai Enrolled Tribal member with years of expertise and well qualified  Boatman for GC9 Rapids